Separett 1271-01 Tiny® with Urine tube NEW VERSION
Separett 1271-01 Tiny® with Urine tube NEW VERSION
Separett 1271-01 Tiny® with Urine tube NEW VERSION

Separett 1271-01 Tiny® with Urine tube NEW VERSION

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NEW VERSION for 2023 Separett Tiny® is a urine diverting toilet developed with tiny spaces in mind. Solid waste goes into a bio-degradable bag and liquids exit through a tube, while the 12v fan vents out the smell. Unlike a traditional composting toilet there is no cranking or additives needed. The ADA compliant 17.5-inch seat height makes Tiny® as comfortable as a household toilet. The Separett Tiny® is the best toilet solution for vans, tiny houses, RVs, boats, and off-grid properties.

User Manual

Installation Manual

Leisure toilet for the smaller spaces!

Tiny® is the latest addition to the Separate family of urine-separating toilets. The smaller design and lessons learned from several decades have led to a modern urine separation toilet that is especially suitable for those installations where space is limited.

High capacity

Thanks to the urine separation, both the smell and the volume of the waste that must be disposed of are reduced. What comes out of toilets is air from the 50mm pipe that is pulled out of the toilet space and urine from a 32mm pipe behind the toilet. If the toilet is used in permanent housing by 2 people, you need to empty the container for the fixed once a week. Urine is passed to an external container which is emptied when needed.

Hygienic and odorless

Separett Tiny® has high operational reliability and is easy to install. The fan exhales the small odor that is formed despite urine separation and also contributes to a better indoor climate by constantly keeping the air in the space in motion. The fan is efficient and quiet and feels best from continuous operation.


    The privacy screen hides the dry waste in the latrine container and is only pushed away when you sit down to use the toilet. This means that you never see the toilet waste except when it is time to empty.

    5 year warranty

    Leisure toilet Tiny® is covered by a five-year guarantee.

    User instructions

    Urine hose

    The urine hose is connected to either the existing greywater drain, external infiltration, an external container (such as the Separett Ejector tank accessory) or other approved solution.

    Emptying of solid waste

    The solid waste is collected in the waste container which is fitted with a compostable waste bag. For full-time use in a household of 2 people, the solid waste should be emptied approximately after 2 weeks of use. Open the upper part of the toilet to empty the solid waste. Make sure that the top is locked in its opened position before releasing it. Then follow the steps below:

    1. Place the included lid on the container.

    2. Lift the container by its yellow handle and pull it up out of the toilet.

    3. Carry the container to where the waste will be handled.

    The solid waste can then be handled in one of the following ways:

    Option 1: To be composted directly in an approved compost

    Option 2: To be incinerated directly in an approved incinerator

    Option 3: Place it in a container and have it standing in “hibernation” for at least 12 months by following the steps below:

    A) Place in an appropriate location outdoors in a suitable container with a solid bottom.

    B) Fill the container with a layer of soil (approx. 2 cm (0,8”)), make sure that the container is properly ventilated so that air circulates in the container.

    C) Let sit for 12 months. The bacteria in the soil will break down the harmful organisms in the feces, rendering the waste harmless.

    D) After the storage period, the contents can be composted in an ordinary compost, garden compost or buried along with the compostable bio bag.

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