About Us

We built our first van in 2014 and traveled over a year and a half through the US, Mexico and Central America. We know what is needed to live comfortably in a van. Allow our experience both living in and building vans guide you in the process of building your perfect van. We currently do full van builds on the Sprinter and Promaster chassis. All vans are built out in our shop in Tampa, Florida. Every component and material that goes into our vans is the absolute best of what is available. We do not cut corners or use any second rate parts. Our power systems and components are what you see on super yachts. Our custom cabinetry and hardware is what you find in high end custom homes. We are a small shop dedicated to designing and building the best vehicles to travel full time, no matter if that is in the US or the most remote areas of the world.

General Inquiries

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