Go Power! LifePO4 Lithium Solar Battery 250Ah (GP-LIFEPO4-250)
Go Power! LifePO4 Lithium Solar Battery 250Ah (GP-LIFEPO4-250)
Go Power! LifePO4 Lithium Solar Battery 250Ah (GP-LIFEPO4-250)

Go Power! LifePO4 Lithium Solar Battery 250Ah (GP-LIFEPO4-250)

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Introducing the Go Power! LifePO4 Lithium Solar Battery 250Ah (GP-LIFEPO4-250), the perfect companion for taking your off-grid adventures to the next level. Specifically designed for mobile applications, this deep cycle battery is ideal for use in RVs.


- Compatibility: It is compatible with all Go Power! solar panels, inverters, and charge controllers, ensuring seamless integration into your power system.

- Max Power Capacity: With almost double the power capacity of regular batteries, this lithium battery provides extended power storage for your RV.

- Quick Charging: Experience faster charging times, allowing you to replenish your battery quickly and efficiently.

- Built-in Battery Management System (BMS): The integrated BMS ensures optimal performance by protecting against over and under voltage, over and under temperature, charge and discharge over current, as well as short circuits.

- 10-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a generous 10-year warranty, providing long-term protection and reliability for your power needs.

With the Go Power! LifePO4 Lithium Solar Battery 250Ah, you can confidently embark on off-grid adventures, knowing you have a high-performance and durable battery to support your power requirements.

    The Go Power! 250Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Solar Battery offers significant advantages compared to traditional lead-acid deep-cycle batteries:

    • Can accept very high charge rates (100A), meaning charge times as short as 2.5 hours up to 99% full
    • Longer life – much greater number of cycles
    • Less than half the weight of similar-capacity lead-acid batteries
    • No maintenance required, no battery memory, no internal grid or external terminal corrosion
    • No freezing in extreme temperatures
    • Almost no temperature derating effects (still 90Ah capacity at 5C for 100Ah lithium, compared to 60Ah capacity at 5C for 100Ah lead-acid)
    • 95% energy efficient
    • Can store at any state-of-charge (SOC) – does not have to be fully-charged for storage, unlike lead-acid

    GP-LiFePO4-250 Lithium Battery Quick Start Guide Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries ship under Class 9 Dangerous Goods PI 965 Section IA, which requires special carrier instructions. 

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