Separett 1270-01 Tiny® with Urine container NEW VERSION
Separett 1270-01 Tiny® with Urine container NEW VERSION
Separett 1270-01 Tiny® with Urine container NEW VERSION
Separett 1270-01 Tiny® with Urine container NEW VERSION

Separett 1270-01 Tiny® with Urine container NEW VERSION

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NEW 2023 MODEL WITH IMPROVED PRIVACY SCREEN! Separett Tiny® is a urine diverting toilet developed with tiny spaces in mind. Solid waste goes into a bio-degradable bag and liquids into an internal container, while the 12v fan vents out the smell. Unlike a traditional composting toilet there is no cranking or additives needed. The ADA compliant 17.5-inch seat height makes Tiny® as comfortable as a household toilet. The Separett Tiny® is the best toilet solution for vans, tiny houses, RVs, boats, and off-grid properties.

A small toilet for smaller spaces Tiny is the latest of Separett’s urine diverting products. After several years of development of urine diverting toilets this has led to the simple and flexible design of Tiny that is a perfect fit for small spaces.

Closed system This model of Tiny contain both the liquid and solid waste inside of the toilet with two containers, one for urine and one for the solid waste. If the toilet is being used in a permanent home of 2 people, the solid waste container needs to be emptied once per week. The urine container needs to be emptied 2-3 times per week. The urine container has a sensor that gives a signal to the Separett-logotype that lights up in a red color when it is time to empty the container.

Hygenic and odorless The operational reliability of Tiny is high and the installation of the toilet is easy. The fan exhales the small odor that is formed, despite urine separation, and also contributes to a better indoor climate by constantly keeping the air in the space in motion. The fan is effective and silent and most effective during continuous usage.

View screen The view screen hides the solid waste in the container and is pushed to the side when you sit down to use the toilet. This results in that you only see the toilet waste when it is time to empty the solid waste.

User Manual

Installation Manual

User instructions

1. Always sit down when using the toilet Sit a little further back than usual so that urine and solid waste are separated.

2. The view screens will slide away when you sit down.

How the product works

The urine-separating toilet Tiny separates urine and solid waste and is equipped with a fan that draws out moisture and air, which makes it completely odorless in the space where the toilet is located. This model of tiny has an internal collection of both solid waste and urine where the solid waste ends up in a compostable biobag made of corn starch which can then be composted and the urine collected in the internal urine tank. If the toilet is used in permanent housing by 2 people, the container for the solid waste needs to be emptied once / week and the urine tank 2-3 times / week. The urine tank is equipped with a sensor where the Separett logo on the toilet lights up red when it is time to empty.

3. Toilet paper can be thrown in the same bin as the solid waste.

Maintenance and cleaning

Separett Tiny should be cleaned with an environmentally friendly non-abrasive cleaner. This toilet is made of a strong, high-gloss polypropylene material that risks being scratched if an
abrasive cleaner or scrubbing plate is used.

The fan must run continuously to avoid odors in the bathroom. Regularly rinse the filter in the fan duct with water to maintain good ventilation.



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