Separett 1118-01 Bio Drain Cleaner 5/pcs

Separett 1118-01 Bio Drain Cleaner 5/pcs

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Separetts Bio Drain Cleaner is a biological tablet that is placed in the urine bowl of your urine separating toilet or urinal, it is slowly broken down and the enzymes keep the urine drain free of deposits that over time risk stopping the flow.

We recommend that Separett Bio Drain is always used for all of our urine separatorts and urine toilets.

Keep the tablets out of the reach of children and use only for urine separating toilets or urinals.
If swallowed: Drink plenty of water or milk.
In case of eye contact: Rinse your eyes with water for 10-15 minutes.
In case of skin contact: Wash with soap and water.

User instructions

Place the Biodrain in the urine bowl on your urine diverting toilet. The tablet contains biological material that prevents the urine and salts in the urine to clog the pipes and does not affect the possibility of using our Ejector tank for the goldwater. The tablet should be stored frost-free in the original packaging.

Please Note! We recommend rinsing the urine basin with a small cup of water after each visit, it keeps the toilet fresh and lets the enzymes from the Bio Drain Cleaner rinse properly though the urine waste pipe.

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