AM Auto Driver Side Rear Door Window for Mercedes Sprinter 2007-2018 | MS06-LB P
AM Auto Driver Side Rear Door Window for Mercedes Sprinter 2007-2018 | MS06-LB P

AM Auto Driver Side Rear Door Window for Mercedes Sprinter 2007-2018 | MS06-LB P

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AM Auto Driver Side Rear Door Window for Mercedes Sprinter 2007-2018 | MS06-LB P

Looking for a durable and reliable rear door window for your 2006+ Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van? Look no further than the AM Auto MS06-LB P driver side rear door window! With toughened safety glass and an aluminum frame, this bonded slider window is built to last. Plus, it comes with a 6-month limited manufacturer warranty for added peace of mind. Accredited by top quality certifications worldwide, including China Compulsory Certification, the US DOT, European ECE, and Japan JIS, this window is made by one of the largest glass manufacturers in the world. Upgrade your Sprinter van with a high-quality window from AM Auto today!


  • Manufacturer: AMA (AM Auto)
  • Manufacturer Country: China
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 6 Months
  • Glass Color = Solar Privacy Glass
  • Glass UV Rating = 17%

What's needed to Install?

For installation, this window requires Urethane Adhesive along with a primer base. We strongly suggest using edge molding to cover the cut edge for a seamless finish.

How will I install this window?

The AM Auto window utilizes the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) factory metal stamping on your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. When installing the window, you'll need to cut along the edge where the inner metal of the van ends. In case your van has multiple uprights, it's recommended to cut them out straight along with your opening. To help you visualize this process, we have provided a photo for your reference.


For those replacing a urethane-bonded factory window, it may be best to seek professional help with the removal and replacement. However, if you choose to remove the window on your own, a wire cutter is the recommended tool. Once the window is removed, it's important to cut the original urethane down as flat as possible and remove as much as you can. After cleaning the area with a product designed to remove urethane, make sure to thoroughly clean it with rubbing alcohol.


Cutting the window hole can be done on the inside using a body saw, air saw, or one-handed reciprocating saw. Drill a hole within the single sheet metal section that will be cut out, then work the blade down to the OEM stamp line and follow the stamp line all the way around the section to produce your window's cut hole. Any interior supports in the window sections can be cut out as they are unnecessary. It's recommended to cut the sides and bottom first, leaving the top cut for last to prevent the sheet metal from bending while cutting.

After cutting, file any rough edges or high points to smooth the cut line. If you're using edge molding, now is the time to install it. Edge molding isn't necessary for the window installation, but it offers a better appearance on the interior of the van by covering the raw cut edge. Trim is sold from a bulk roll by the foot, and there is a drop-down box for proper sizing for your van. Most vans will cover both inner and outer sheet metal edges with the trim. If your interior walls will be covering the cut edge, there's no reason to trim something that will be hidden.

Dry fitting the window prior to urethane bonding can help familiarize yourself with placement. Additionally, you can place securing tape/masking/painters’ tape in corners and side middle onto the glass and then onto the body, leaving the tape on both the window and van body as added line-up markers for easier placement.


To begin the urethane bonding process, apply a urethane primer on the outside of the body near the window opening, leaving a 1/2" gap when possible. This gap helps to prevent seeping of the urethane from the glass edge on the outside of the van. Apply only one line of primer on the van wall, as multiple lines or primer on the glass are unnecessary and wasteful. Allow the primer to dry for about 10 minutes after painting it around the cut hole.

Note that a regular everyday caulking gun will not work for applying automotive urethane. We recommend a commercial/professional-grade gun with a thrust ratio of no less than 12:1 or above. In our Tools and Supplies Section, we offer a 26:1 ratio gun.

If you order urethane from us, the tip will have an embossed cut line and a v-notch where you should cut the tip for your perfect-sized urethane bead. When applying the urethane to the van, the V will trail your application patch, creating a pyramid-looking bead.

To avoid having a joint from one tube to the next on the top or front of the window, we recommend starting a few inches down from the top rear corner of the window. This reduces the risk of a leak. For larger windows, such as most side OEM fit windows, a second tube of urethane may be necessary. When one bead end starts, begin the next about 1/2" into the already applied bead and smooth them together with a plastic putty knife, wood stick, flat screwdriver, or other tool. To prevent the urethane from sticking to the tool and clumping, spray a liberal amount of glass cleaner onto the tool.

Consistency is key when applying the urethane bead. Thicker and thinner spots can lead to leakage, so take care to apply the urethane evenly.


It's always helpful to have two people for window placement. One person can hold the front bottom corner, and the other can hold the rear bottom corner. OEM fit windows will have about a 1/4" gap from the body line to the glass. Get the bottom edge lined up and hold the glass back away from the wall at a slight angle. Once you have your gap lined up at the bottom and your front and rear edges are lined up where you want them, tilt the window up and press it into the urethane. You don't need to push too hard as the urethane has a very strong adhesion and will grab onto the window quickly. Keep a hand pressing on the window to keep it in position. If everything looks good, open your hand and smack the glass down, following the patch of your urethane bead. The goal on modern vans with insert areas for windows will be to get the glass even with the outer body of the van, above and below the window section, so it is a fluid transition from sheet metal to glass to sheet metal again.

Once the window is in the desired location, use window securing tape to tape each corner with 3-4 strips to keep the glass in place. If you plan on driving the van within the first 24 hours, you can also tape the edge all around to keep the urethane bead clean from contaminants while traveling.

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