Lithionics 12V 320AH E2107 GTX Battery w/ Heating
Lithionics 12V 320AH E2107 GTX Battery w/ Heating
Lithionics 12V 320AH E2107 GTX Battery w/ Heating
Lithionics 12V 320AH E2107 GTX Battery w/ Heating

Lithionics 12V 320AH E2107 GTX Battery w/ Heating

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Lithionics 12V 320AH E2107 GTX Battery w/ Heating (GTX12V320A-E2107-CS200) is the latest from Lithionics, with a built in BMS, heater, Bluetooth, smaller than 3 group 31 100 amp hour batteries, and is UL certified for vehicles. 

Made-to-Order Battery. Ships LTL Freight


PULSE AMPS: 1200 (1 second)


There is an on/off/reset switch on the lid of the battery. For remote switch mounting you need the following two parts:

1) Lithionics Ampseal 8 Wiring Harness Kit (75-H1FBR-CS2)

2) Lithionics Illuminated Battery Switch (75-240-180)


  • MiniBMS Cell/Module Sensors and Microprocessors with Automatic Cell Balancing

  • NeverDie Power Reserve (Spare Fuel) for Hotel Loads and Worry-Free Power for Engine Cranking

  • 100% Pure Copper Power Transmission (No Restrictive Nickel, Aluminum, or MOSFETS)

  • UL Approved Temperature Protection System

  • UL Approved Fully Redundant Protective Safety Circuits

  • Over-Charge, Over-Discharge and Short-Circuit Protection (LVC, HVC, SCC)

  • Military Grade/Military Approved Hermetically-Sealed UL508 Approved Gas-Filled Pure Silver-Alloy Contactor with Aux-Contact Monitoring Circuit and Internal Arc-Suppression.

  • Available NeverDie Internal Heating Kit: Permits Charging Operations at -20C -4F Continuous (Most Models, Please Confirm with Factory)

  • Pushbutton Storage Operation




Model: GTX12V320A-E2107-CS200

Nominal Voltage: 12.8 Volts

Nominal Capacity: 320 AH

Nominal Watt Hours: 4096 WH

Internal Resistance: <3 milliohms


Charging temperature range:
32F/0C to 131F/55C

Charge voltage:
14.4V recommended, 14.6V maximum

Recommended float charge voltage:
13.4V – 13.6V

Recommended charge current:

Allowed max charge current:


Discharging temperature range:
-4F/-20C to 131F/55C

Output Voltage Range:
10.4V to 13.4V

Recommended discharge current:

Max discharge current:

Pulse discharge current:
1200A (1 SEC)

Discharge cut-off voltage:
NeverDie® Power Reserve @ 12.00V Low-Voltage Cut-Off @10.4V

Mechanical characteristics

Length: 20.3in

Width: 6.4in

Height: 10.0in

Weight: Approx. 68lbs (30.8kg)


Storage Temperature & Humidity Range:

< 1 Month
-4~95°F (-20~35°C), 45~75%RH

< 3 Months
14~86°F (-10~30°C), 45~75%RH

Recommended storage
59~95°F (15~35°C),45%RH~75%RH

Self-discharge rate:

Residual capacity
≤3% per month; ≤15% per year

Reversible capacity
≤1.5%per month; ≤8% per year

Long Term Storage:

If the Lithionics 12V 320AH E2107 GTX Battery w/ Built in Heater needs to be stored for > 3 months the voltage should be 13.2V (50%SOC), and stored at the recommended storage specifications shown above. Additionally, the battery needs at least one charge & discharge cycle every six months.

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